Long Distance Healing Client (Europe)

Randulf is very kind and his therapy really helped me be more calm, centered and strong. I even got rid of a terrible pain in my leg . Thanks. – Kristia Kagga

Long Distance Healing Client

April 6th, 2021

My name is Jessica and I recently contacted Randulf for a healing. I was hoping for it to be powerful, but I had no idea how true that would end up! I felt such a shift within myself and my heart, this has had a profound effect on my wellbeing and life! Aside from the healing I also received confirmation from spirit and it has opened up a new path for me to explore and get to know. Randulf is kind, professional, an amazing healer and he was so nice to answer any questions I had along the way too! Hes the real deal thats for sure!! I will most certainly be back for more services with Randulf. Im also gladly spreading the word to others I know that would benefit from his healings! Thank you again Randulf!! – Jessica Nauth

Afghan Vet – PTSD Relief

March 13th, 2021

I am an Afghan Vet who has PTSD and survivors guilt. I have seen the Doc many times and all they want to do is drug me and we all know how that goes. I started seeing Randulf about 30 days ago and now I can sleep past 3am, my nightmares are slim to none, I have regular dreams again, I know you Vets are struggling with the same issues. I challenge you to have an open mind and let him help you. – William Odell