Living within The Mundane World

Many of us still work and function within the mundane world. This can be a very taxing if not stressful experience. The use of crystals as well as other items can help energetically. Though perhaps the best way is to prepare yourself mentally for that which you will experience energetically, emotionally and physically.

Dreams, Nightmares, Visions & Delusions

A shaman has a duty not only to those whom he or she is called to help but also to him or her self. You can fall into a trap of delusions as well. Watch for the signs of irrational behavior that begin to isolate you from others, feelings of unfounded guilt or hatred, repetitive thoughts of harming others or yourself, disregard for regular spiritual practices, and other similar feelings, thoughts and emotions. Don’t fall into the trap of delusions which is far worse than any nightmare you may have ever experienced!


To be evil eyed, cursed or jinxed is something many “modern and civilized” people think absurd. Until it happens to them and then they are frantic to find someone to “exorcise the demons.”