The Obligations of A Shaman

In spiritual work we are obligated to act with honor, respect and the highest degree of integrity. We bind ourselves to the ancestral spirits, Nature and the tribe. We speak for all sides yet serve the balance. It is not a matter of good or bad. It is truly a matter of balance between what should be or should not be.

Dreams, Nightmares, Visions & Delusions

A shaman has a duty not only to those whom he or she is called to help but also to him or her self. You can fall into a trap of delusions as well. Watch for the signs of irrational behavior that begin to isolate you from others, feelings of unfounded guilt or hatred, repetitive thoughts of harming others or yourself, disregard for regular spiritual practices, and other similar feelings, thoughts and emotions. Don’t fall into the trap of delusions which is far worse than any nightmare you may have ever experienced!

Amulets, Talismans & Protections

order to work effectively, in any environment, one should think of safety first. Spiritual work is no different. View yourself and all that is around you as though waves of energy are bouncing all about. Which is in fact a correct view but we will put those details aside for now. How would you want to protect yourself, your environment and the person coming to you for help?

Soul Loss

“Soul loss,” “loss of essence,” or another way of saying it, “a piece of the person is trapped in the past.” I often use the phrase “loss of essence,” but it all means the same thing. An event occurred in the past that was of such proportions as to cause a piece of oneself to separate.