Spiritual Services


Benefits of Energetic Healing (Long Distance or In-Person):

  • Promoting calmness and relaxation within the four bodies (Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual)
  • Increased rate of recovery from injuries/surgeries/trauma
  • Relief of stress and anxiety
  • Release of hidden emotions, muscle tensions, troubling thoughts, blockages to spiritual progress.
  • Increased energy
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Discovery and possible extractions of malevolent forces
  • Heightened sense of awareness
  • Possible activation of latent psychic abilities
  • Medical intuition for hidden ailments

For those new to long-distance energetic healing. This is a technique used to facilitate change upon a person, animal or place from a distance. To spirit there is no limitations of time, distance or place.

SHAMAN Services

Spiritual Cleansing and Blessing (Cursed, Love Loss, Dark Cloud Feeling)

Land/Home Cleansing and Blessing (Hauntings, Pre-Move In, Pre-Planting)

Opening of the Ways (Between You and Spirits of Nature, Ancestors, Helpers, Power Animal Retrieval)

The above services cover a broad range of what we do (more info below). If you have any questions as to how we may be of help to you, please CONTACT us as soon as possible. The longer a situation goes on the more work needed to make corrections.

We are open to combining services for a more holistic approach to your health and happiness!

YES!!! We do spiritual services outside our local area and outside of the USA! Contact us to learn more about how we may help you. We have helped clients across the USA, Europe, Russia and Central Asia!

Malevolence feeds on your fears. It doesn’t want you to contact someone like me. That anxiety you feel about getting help… Don’t allow it to hold you back!


More Details Below Regarding Services Mentioned Above:

Spiritual Cleanse & Blessing

Spiritual Cleansing and Blessing may include any of the methods we use depending on need. In extreme cases, there may be need to perform more than one cleansing or to blend multiple methods. Each client may have a different need so we remain flexible in our approach.

After the cleansing, we will perform a blessing to repel malevolence. Please note: a client can knowingly or even unknowing (re-) invite malevolence. You will be given advice on practices to avoid such from happening. Follow the advice!

opening the way

In this service we truly work as a bridge between you and the unseen realm. We are working to open the ways of communication, knowledge, understanding, wisdom and workings between you and the spirits. These benevolent spirits may be ancestral, nature, guides or helpers.

Perhaps the most important aspect of Opening of the Ways is in empowering you to work with your spirits. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you. The possibility of a whole new life path!

Item Empowerment & blessing

For all items we sell, there is placed upon them an empowerment and blessing. This is done over a 40 day period in which the items are laid upon our altar. During the 40 days, numerous prayers and blessings are spoken over the items. Words alone do not empower the items but rather the movement of spirit upon them. The words put spirit into motion and that motion moves over the items. This leaves an energetic impression upon them. Firekeeper Medicine works towards balance in love, light, life and luck. We work with the benevolent spirits who see the wisdom in this and work to help.

Scheduling a Session:

Click HERE to go to our contact page.

If this is your first time coming to us then we will have a brief consultation (10 to 15 minutes online or phone). We will discuss your concerns as well as options we have available. If we are able to work together we will make arrangements for a session.

A session is a serious matter. Please be prepared to answer all questions and to speak freely. What is said between us will stay between us. You can have all you want to ask written down before your session.

A session is scheduled for and assigned to you. We take this very seriously.

For In-Person sessions, We need a calm, distraction free environment to work. ALL electronic devices must be left in your vehicle or completely turned off. Pets need to be away from the area in which we will work as they will react to the energies. We utilize a comfortable massage table for you to lay upon. We will need a small area to set-up this table and walk around it. The table is sanitized before and after each session.

We reserve the right to immediately stop a session for any interruptions, emergencies or for safety or boundary issues. If at ANY time you feel uncomfortable then please speak your concerns IMMEDIATELY. (We reserve the right to record in-person sessions for your safety as well as our own)

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Disclaimers, Limitations and Etc…

*Please be aware that we can make NO GUARANTEES of the effect of services performed. The very nature of spiritual work relies upon the spiritual realm. Therefore, ultimately, ALL work is reliant upon our spiritual helpers.

** One person may have different experiences from another person and even from session to session.

*** We DO NOT PERFORM CURSES, please do not bother asking.

****Just to be clear: We DO NOT advise anyone to discontinue any medications or professional medical treatments. You have freewill to choose your treatment plan and approach to wellness. Your decisions are your own. We are not medical professionals so please consult a medical professional before coming to us.

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