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Firekeeper Medicine began as a way to reach more people who were in need of help and healing. It is evolving into something more akin to a ‘gathering around the fire’ with the elders.

Aiming to deepen the learning experience towards becoming, growing, expanding and fulfilling our true life purpose. Along the way we reconnect with what has been hidden away from us. Locked away in myth, symbolism and ancient practices of our ancestral forebears.

The Firekeeper mysteries bring help and healing into each of us. Transforming us into a living form of medicine. A pathway between this World and the Other World. A much needed means to restore the balance.

As with any endeavor, success depends upon people such as yourself. One of the ways the ancestors have expressed it to me is that within each of our hearts burns an eternal flame. By itself it is but a single flame. Joined together with others those flames become a raging fire of change for which we all yearn!

Founder, Randulf Miller




3 replies on “Welcome to Firekeeper Medicine®”

My name is Jessica and I recently contacted Randulf for a healing. I was hoping for it to be powerful, but I had no idea how true that would end up! I felt such a shift within myself and my heart, this has had a profound effect on my wellbeing and life! Aside from the healing I also received confirmation from spirit and it has opened up a new path for me to explore and get to know. Randulf is kind, professional, an amazing healer and he was so nice to answer any questions I had along the way too! Hes the real deal thats for sure!! I will most certainly be back for more services with Randulf. Im also gladly spreading the word to others I know that would benefit from his healings! Thank you again Randulf!!

I am an Afghan Vet who has PTSD and survivors guilt. I have seen the Doc many times and all they want to do is drug me and we all know how that goes. I started seeing Randolf about 30 days ago and now I can sleep past 3am, my nightmares are slim to none, I have regular dreams again, I know you Vets are struggling with the same issues. I challenge you to have an open mind and let him help you.