You are in Prison

You are in prison. You have been there for many years. At some point someone began to convince you that being an inmate was a good thing. So you joined with the others so as not to appear the outcast. You unwittingly chose to imprison yourself and over time have come to believe you are yet free. Free in thought, words and deeds. Yet, I am here to tell you that, you are in prison. I am here to help you free yourself from prison.

I too was in prison. Having thought that the people who raised me knew what was best for me. Not knowing that all along they too were broken. They were likewise raised by broken people. People who also thought being in prison was a good thing. That conformance to modern standards was a good thing. That civilization is a good thing for each and every one of us. Having brought us out of the ignorant ways of our ancestors and forebears who knew little more than a daily existence. Yet I know you still believe this on some level if not most as I am here to tell you that, you are in prison.

The prison, in which I found myself, kept me deluded from seeing what was true. The lines of truth were blurred as the windows in the prison only allowed a very narrow view of the world beyond. I was raised to believe, as those who raised me believed, that this narrow view was all there is of the world. To think of anything more than that was to be viewed by the other broken people, who are imprisoned as well, to be nothing more than a form of heresy. A blasphemy of asocial behavior and thought. This was a constant lesson reinforced in confusing ways. A means of control through chaos. Teach one thing while doing another then do one thing while teaching another. Behave like everyone else so as not to draw undue attention yet try to excel beyond your peers while appearing to be more successful yet don’t appear too successful for fear that the more successful will suppress your rising star. A circular conundrum of conformity taught by broken people to other broken people who raised me and you alike. In telling you this you will likely think of me as a loon, a crazy, a nut yet I am here to tell you that, you are in prison.

All the while I knew deep down that something wasn’t right. Even when I made strong effort to conform because I wanted to fit in with all the other prisoners. I wanted to truly feel as broken as the others. I was quite successful at it yet I knew this was all a fake and a fraud. There was a lot more going on and I knew it. Deep down within me, I knew it. My spirit was shouting for truth. Pushing me and compelling me to keep asking, ‘what is true?’ For many years I pursued this and that. Searching, studying in order to get to the bottom of so many things. Once I had the true essence of something then I knew what part of ‘the truth’ that thing played in all of this big prison. For many years it was about studying the prison and its very walls. The walls that confine all the broken people. Yet I kept straining my sight out that narrow window. I knew that somehow there was more out there. Someone had to know and I was determined to learn, ‘What is true.’ Yet I know you think you already know what it true, You likely think I am here to convince you of ‘the truth.’ To convert you or proselytize you into something else. Come closer to the window. Strain yourself to look harder. Press your ear closer so you can hear better as I am here to tell you that, you are in prison.

As I was at the window, a man came speaking of things as I am writing of to you today. Talking about prison, walls and how I too was a prisoner. Surely he must be mad. This guy is off his rocker! Yet I listened because, after all, I did come to the narrow window to learn. Carefully I listened to what he spoke of as he was free on the outside of this prison. How I too could be freed but I would need trust someone on the outside as this was the only way to escape. ‘Would you trust me enough to listen to what I tell you? To follow my instructions?’ I was eager to listen while I discerned if that which he spoke of was true. He told me that to escape I would need to prepare myself because he could only help once I made the effort to cross through the hole in the wall which he would make. The struggle would be great and very real. He asked nothing in return for his help other than to free others if it were possible for me to do. Many would seek to keep me from escaping because this would cause them great fear. Their warden and all the guards would rise up against them all the more for fear they too might escape. What is a warden and guards without a prison to work? Yet here I am at your window quietly informing you of these things. You too have a warden and guards that seek to keep their purpose. Their way of life. Should you leave they too will be without a means of livelihood. Even the other prisoners whom you believe to be friends and family will rise up to point at the thickness of the walls, to support the warden and guards. The man who came to my window spoke of all these things to me as well. Yet I listened and listened. He said unto me, ‘I know you find these things so hard to believe. You may even think of me as insane. Yet I am here at your narrow window to tell you that, you are in prison.’

Eventually I asked of the man, ‘What do I need do to escape? What part do I need play to make it through the wall?’ The man taught me a new language. As he said the language of people on the outside is far different than that of those on the inside of the prison. He told me that the forces which keep me imprisoned are the forces found within. Put there over many years by others as well as by myself. Knowingly and unknowingly. False and limiting beliefs were the walls keeping me confined. The voices within my head which I believed to be thoughts were nothing more than the guards confining me. The greatest threat of all was the ruler over the prison. The warden who compelled all the voices to keep me from breaking free. A voice so loud to be feared at the ruin it could cause. Yet, it was this very fear that would need be overcome in order to make it through the wall. These were all symbols within the new language the man taught me. As he needed to speak on terms that I could understand. When I escaped this prison then I would be free to learn much more. Free of the confines from broken people, walls, guards and the warden. I write these things all to you using the very same symbolism as I know I am here to tell you that, you are in prison.

The instructions I received were given to me to be performed as frequently and ardently as possible. They were to be of the top most priority over all else. As once I was freed of the prison I could then be free to make truly free choices. I would be in a better position to search for and find that which is true. I will not delve deeply into the work at this time because I know the guards are speaking nearby. I do not want to alert them to awaken the warden. I came at night while they were few in number with most others asleep. I will give you brief instructions now. If you choose to follow them and wish to know more you can let me know later. I am willing to provide to you more instructions as I was taught. You may also choose to remain in prison. Maybe you are content there. Maybe you do not want your life upturned. Maybe you prefer the comforts of confinement. It has been some time since I have been in prison. I have grown accustomed to the daily struggle which I live now. In most ways I am an outcast of sorts like the man who helped me escape. I now prefer seeing, accepting and acting upon the truth as opposed to turning away. So if you wish to remain in prison then please do. As I will go to the next narrow window where the next prisoner peers out from behind hoping to be freed.

Before I go though here are the instructions for you. The next time you are ‘thinking’ try to objectively observe how many different thoughts arise. Often they seem like voices talking from deep within the mind. One quickly after another from topic to topic. Slowly lulling you to a state of ‘day dreaming.’ How long does the day dreaming occur? How often does it happen during the day? How long can you go between these states of day dreaming? How often do you ‘turn off and go on autopilot’ while doing certain tasks? Can you recall every thought you have during a 15 minute period along with the tasks you were performing at the time? Okay, the day is beginning to dawn. More guards are awakening. Soon the warden will be back at the task of keep it all under control. Follow my brief instructions if you truly seek to be freed. I will help you as I was helped. All you know about these people around you, the walls that confine you, the guards that keep you in check and the warden that reigns over it all…. it’s all a lie! This is true!

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