Heart Space

What is ‘heart space’? Why should it be of concern? When does the heart space come into use? Who is best served when the heart space is cleared, healed and brought into service? Let’s find out!

The heart space is the area located around the physical heart. It begins at the center of the physical heart then can expand outward. This central area has long been recognized as the seat of our spirit. Wherein the very life force of our true essence resides. The figurative cave dwelling of our very spirit.

A great example which helps to illustrate this location is when one is overwhelmed with extreme emotions. The emotional body overlays this area. When we are deeply saddened we feel a deep pain from within. It is most often called, ‘heartache,’ or a ‘heartbreak’ for good reason. Even a joyous occasion makes ones heart ‘flutter,’ as if it were a butterfly. The heart space feels light and moves magnetically to ‘fly away’ towards its desire.

This area also holds our very spark of life. If we are overcome with grief, contrary energies or malevolent forces then it is as if this area seems smothered. It becomes darkened like a very dangerous storm. As it rages, we may strike out like lightening, pour a deluge of tears, make great thunderous shouts and wails. I dare say we have all experienced such in our lives to some degree.

You should see clearly from the aforementioned as well as your own life experience the importance of the heart space area. Anyone wishing to be open to connection with the energies of ancestral and Nature spirits will quickly find its great importance.

The energies that we emit from our spirit radiate outward. It is like a milky white light that surrounds all that can be seen. From my experience, the more pronounced this white light surrounding someone, I find that person to be more in touch with their heart space. Another way we can say it is that they are more spiritually inclined than most. This white light that I speak of differs from the aura. Some people can see energies that are emitted from certain parts of the body (common term today is ‘chakras.’) This aura can be seen as different colors ranging from red to purple. The aura is a helpful indicator where someone is in need of healing or balancing. (There are practices to learn how to see auras which we will cover in another posting.)

Green and yellow are indicative of the heart space within the aura. Whether either color is thick or thin within the aura respectively indicates too much energy or not enough in that area. Balance is our aim. All of the aura should be evenly balanced though we may see a rise in thickness of green and or yellow because we have just undergone a ritual. It is like we are charging up the battery as well as a little reserve to do some type of work.

This is where we begin to draw upon our heart space to bring help, healing, health and joy into this world. These energies, coming from the center of our being, power our intent and our songs. Bringing your focus upon this space you pause to allow a connection to form. You open your mind and allow it to drop down into the heart space. A warmth will build within this space. You can then channel this energy into your intention. If it is to sing then begin slowly with a structured pattern you have prearranged. Loosely move within the pattern but allow the thoughts that arise from the heart space to guide your song. Soon it will be as if the words are passing through you as you witness it happening. At first you may be shocked which will throw it out of sync as well as cause your focus to bounce back into your head. That is okay, just allow yourself to gently flow back into the heart space. After many times of this practice you will grow more at ease so as not to be shocked out of the flow.

A side note if I may. Always maintain awareness of the words you speak. If you allow yourself to ‘sleep’ you may find your words are no longer coming from the heart space. They may even turn contrary as other energies comes into play. Maybe suppressed thoughts or memories arise to speak. There may even be a contrary spirit that attempts to jump in to misguide. Always be cautious while doing this type of work.

As we sing our songs we begin to further cleanse ourselves as well as that which is around us. We cleanse our environment as we shift the energies. Remember, it is always about energies. We are energy forms as well as all others around us. Ever walk into a room after there was an argument? Feeling the heavy stagnate air! Now imagine, a person who is living daily in such an environment who comes to you for help. You come singing your songs as well as using your rattle, drum and other tools. You are energetically cleansing this person, calling in the supporting spirits, chasing away dark thoughts as well as heavy energies. Not only are you helping others around you but you are also helping yourself!

The focus you bring by lowering your mind into your heart takes you out of the way. It removes you from what you want out of the session. It allows your helping spirits to ride those pure intentions to bring help and healing. I have often found that while the spirits come to help the person who came to see me these spirits also help me. They tell me answers to questions I have or give some other guidance into my own personal life. It is as though they want to improve my heart space so they can work more effectively. Which is, in fact, what they are doing.

There is a lot more towards reaching a clear heart space. We shall cover these practices in depth soon. Many will start them but find it too difficult. The difficulty comes about mostly because they start to change from within. This type of change is often very profound. Causing one to view relationships, possessions, work, home and so much more with a different perspective. This frightens people!

They soon come to realize that all of which they have been overlooking, until now, needs to be confronted head on. It is much like someone is running nails across a chalkboard. It can no longer be ignored. Unfortunately, the practices are dropped so as not to upset the norm they now know. They can then go back to maintaining their mundane worldview.

Furthermore, often I read or hear people telling others to just start walking in the woods. To get into being with Nature. As if this alone is the answer!

In part, it may be helpful but not an entirely accurate suggestion. It often leads to a form of escapism from the mundane world but little more. As when the dark hidden places within one self surface then it is time to head back to the mundane.

Substantial time spent in the woods has worked for a very select few who are called by spirit to do so. Though the majority will not find this to be the case. It is okay though because that is why we are making these posts. To help walk with you along that dark path towards a healthier heart space. In expanding our heart space towards yours, we are helping heal you as well as ourselves. We share in the energies. Together we are sparks that grow into flames to become the raging fire of change. Don’t fear the change that awaits you!

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