Living within The Mundane World

The word ‘world’ is used in so many different ways. Allow another friendly reminder that these posts are from a shamanic perspective. So, how will our version and usage of the word change? Let’s find out!

For shamans there are two definitive worlds. There is this world in which we currently exist then there is the other world. This world is based on the physical whereas the other is based on the spiritual, or rather, pure energy. These worlds are not wholly separate from one another but rather overlap. They exist within, atop, beneath, alongside one another. Maybe a more modern way of summing it up would be that these two worlds constantly run parallel to one another. Similar to multidimensional theory or that of parallel universes.

Within this world we have upper, middle and lower. The upper being the sky, space, void, cosmos and all that entails. The middle being where we reside as the living. The lower being the earth, depths of the waters, dark places such as caves that lead deep within the lower world to the depths of the earth. These worlds have their own powers that govern. These powers have been called Gods and Goddesses but they are anthropomorphized energetic forces of Nature as well as ancestral spirits. The shaman travels between these worlds in a way that is shown to them by these forces, their ancestral spirits and other energetic forces.

We can further define this world into a more non-shamanic way of understanding. I relay this so that you can understand what people with whom you come in contact with will likely define as ‘world’. This world is all that is seen with the addition of modern aspects, technology, governments, etc… In summary, all that is a development, creation or construct by humans. I call this view and those who hold to it, ‘the mundane or mundane world.’

To speak of others as being mundane or a mundane world is not intended to belittle anyone. This terminology just helps with our understanding. It also helps put your interactions with others into a more compassionate way of thinking. For the mundane world lacks, outright denies or even works directly against our way of living. If we can reach into the heart of someone with these contrary ways then we are affecting the mundane world for the better. As we help and heal, those who are in the mundane world, we alter that view. These people see another world view which is likened to our own. If only to a small degree we start the process of awakening to another perspective.

Many of us still work and function within the mundane world. This can be a very taxing if not stressful experience. The use of crystals as well as other items can help energetically. Though perhaps the best way is to prepare yourself mentally for that which you will experience energetically, emotionally and physically.

Here are several practices that I personally do to alleviate the mundane worlds affects.

Wake up early to make conversation with ancestral, helping and healing spirits. This time and practice is very important to set your ‘song’ or your ‘tone’ for the day.

Turn off the radio during your travels and sing your song. Open your heart space to sing to all the beauty around you. Sing to your ancestors, helping spirits, people, places and all that bring you joy. Sing what comes to your heart to let the energies flow. The song you sing will tell you where you are within your thoughts, words and deeds.

Continue your song during the day. Whether you can sing out loud, hum, or just sing within your heart space in silence then do it. There is a saying, “actions speak louder than words,” though in this instance we combine both actions and words into our song. This changes the energetic frequencies through the vibrations of our songs around us. We can push away those who are detrimental to our health and ‘summon’ the Gods and Goddesses to our aid. Song is a very integral part of shamanic practices. Make it a regular aspect of your daily life!

Before you head home from the mundane world make certain actions a regular occurrence. Taking off a certain item of clothing to be placed in a specific location which will indicate the end of your time within the mundane world. This is practice will signal to your brain the oncoming change of perspective.

In the evening when you cleanse yourself imagine you are covered in the densest and darkest muck that has a rancid stench. Start your routine by washing from the top of your head downward. As you slowly move downward imagine the muck and stench flowing downward. Beneath the muck is a brighter you that radiates light. As you wash you can even sing a song of farewell, good riddance or however you wish to call it. Let it wash off to flow away from you. I like to use lavender soap as well as thank the water for helping cleanse me.

You can develop some more of your own practices which feel right for your circumstances. Soon, we will cover more extensive practices regarding spiritual cleanses. Though they will not be for daily usage but rather for certain occasions. For now, start a routine that will work for you.

Whichever world a shaman is moving in there need be a continual thought of maintaining the balance. Of being the example for others to follow. Showing the mundane world that there truly is another way of thinking, speaking and doing. A Nature based way of working together that our ancestors understood. The very ancestors that a shaman speaks and works with to restore balance. So, even while shopping in the mundane world, you can sing your song to awaken the Gods and Goddesses to restore the balance around you!

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