Dreams, Nightmares, Visions & Delusions

Within these four will be found some of the most interesting work to be experienced. So much can be revealed through these experiences about a person. What is their current state of mind? What events have, are and will occur? How they are addressing concerns? Which ailments they may be experiencing? One who is insightful with the gift of symbolism often finds great success among these four.

Let us first define these four prior to delving into the shamanic aspects.

Dreams are what we experience when we are asleep. These can happen in the night time or even daytime within the awakened sleep (The awakened sleep will be covered in latter postings.) Dreams can be primary viewed as a means within which our deeper consciousness is sorting out what is happening with the world. Maybe it is connected to hormonal issues, relationships, challenges to belief systems, etc… Dreams are often not controlled or allow for willful interaction. The exception is that of “lucid dreaming.” Wherein, the dreamer can interact with the dream. Even picking up the dream where it left off the next time they fall asleep. I personally had these experiences. In my further exploration of lucid dreaming among others I have found that those who can do this are often “touched by spirit.” Likely to become some form of healer.

Nightmares, are similar to dreams but cause us a shock. This shock is often due to having to face a decision which we have put off or denied as an option. It can also be caused by spirit influence from the undead. A “haunted” house, location or object. Nightmares from a shock often resolve themselves when we face the reality of having to make a decision. Nightmares from the latter are often persistent. The undead often seek to create a situation of invasive fear. This is the emotion which feeds them the most energy. Though it is not always the case that the undead want to feed but possibly just get attention. Maybe they are seeking help to cross over the rainbow bridge. Someone needs to speak with the spirits to determine the proper course of action. For those living within a haunted location, until the proper course of help can be determined, the use of amulets can be of assistance.

Visions are, in short, messages from spirit. They can happen at anytime. Possibly a thoughtful flash of someone about to call, ring the doorbell, do something, say something, etc… Visions can also be immersive as if one is actually there at that very moment. All or some of the senses may be active. Some may experience a vision of the past or future. Visions have a message to tell the one experiencing it. There may even be messages within certain aspects of the vision. Symbols that need further interpretation. As much detail as can be recalled is important. After experiencing a vision it is highly suggested to write as much detail down as possible. Do not put off writing the information down because many details will fade from memory. Act quickly to document as much as possible.

Delusions are twisted visions. These are often done by contrary forces to dissuade, delude or divert someone from persisting. Great care must be taken when dark things begin to enter the picture. A delusion often comes in a very gentle way at first. As it grows over time the deluded one begins to grow more and more irrational. Though the afflicted person may view everyone else around them as insane or deluded. Hallucinations can also come into play due to sleep deprivation, chemical imbalances within the body, possibly spirit attachment or even some form of attachment possession.

All spirit working comes with dangers. Many a shaman have gone off the deep end because of delusions. This is why it is very important to have a mentor who has experience. There need be an open communication between initiate and mentor. Speak freely about such experiences because to hold back will keep that little piece of delusion within. These things need to be understood for why they are happening then properly resolved.

A shaman has a duty not only to those whom he or she is called to help but also to him or her self. You can fall into a trap of delusions as well. Watch for the signs of irrational behavior that begin to isolate you from others, feelings of unfounded guilt or hatred, repetitive thoughts of harming others or yourself, disregard for regular spiritual practices, and other similar feelings, thoughts and emotions. Don’t fall into the trap of delusions which is far worse than any nightmare you may have ever experienced!

Advice on consulting those coming to you about dreams, nightmares, visions or delusions. Often times it is just about someone needing to be guided through a decision making process. A shaman can consult with spirit to help guide the person in the decision making process. Some use cards, bones, stones or other means for direction. Some shamans just take the questions to the spirits to ask directly. Whatever your gift in helping someone please be aware to get as much information as possible. From experience, I can tell you that most people won’t open up fully within 15 minutes. Plan on an hour or more of just socializing with the person. Get them to relax with some water to drink while you just chat about what has been going on in their life. You will know at what point you see the tension begin to leave them as the air clears. Slowly begin to raise the issue about why they came to see you. What has them so concerned? Can they provide more details? How have these events affected them? How do they feel at this moment?

Once you have as much information as possible, with the person more at ease, proceed to using your gifts. Tell them what you are going to do before doing it. Let them ask any questions before proceeding so you can retain their comfort level.

Once you have the answer, please allow sufficient time to disclose your findings as well as answer any follow up questions. You may also offer advice on protections such as amulets, blessed water, actions they may take to alleviate the concern, or whatever spirit guides you to help. If the person is deluded though, you may find, the delusions may have already started to take hold. In this case, one may have to consult the person about deeper work such as soul retrieval or attachment removal. Both of which we will address later.

With the information now provided to you, there should be a greater understanding of the differences between dreams, nightmares, visions and delusions. Over time you will begin to explore deeper aspects of each within yourself and others. It is a learning process of which we all undergo. Do not become frustrated if you forget some details of your visions or that you discover a delusion has slipped inside. Just ask for help from spirit and consult someone else more knowledgeable than yourself. It will work itself out if you are willing to be honest and true to your life purpose.

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