Crafting Word Working & Singing Songs

We have all done much damage to this world. Causing much loss of life whether it be knowingly or unknowingly. We have also grown apart from the language of this world and that of the other world.

Just as though you have an estranged relationship with another person you are now estranged from this world and the other. To make right this estranged relationship it takes an inner correction within ourselves. Once we put forth the effort to make corrections then we can begin to put words to our thoughts. We can go to the other with whom we are estranged to set things right. We can present our heart with true knowledge of how we think and feel towards the other.

Clarity of thought sends forth an energetic wave that can be felt by all around. With the spoken word engaging the world around us within this clarity we can express our heart energy. We may then approach the estranged party with a clear conscience. At this point it matters not who started the estrangement or for whatever reason. As we approach the matter from the heart space. Being now able to speak true words that flow from our inner depths. Seeking to speak from the heart so as to heal the matter rather than from the emotional, physical or mental body.

With all of that being stated, an apprentice shaman, that has committed to the inner work can begin speaking more freely with the spirits of this world and the other. The apprehension of offending or crossing words begins to fade away. A level of clear communication and the learning of spirit language grows easier.

The best recommendation which I may make to any apprentice is to use a set starting phrase. Such as, “Great (Spirit / Mother Earth / Father Sky, etc…) have mercy on me and all of the peoples…” This is a very wise choice of wording because one never knows if we have offended any with our actions or inaction. A way to clear the board of any issues or allow spirit to make us aware of any issues. I prefer to repeat this three times. A bell rung once may not be heard but rung three times will likely get attention!

The calling forth of ones helping spirits comes next. “I call upon all of my loving and light bearing ancestral spirits, forebears and firekeepers of old… I call upon all of the spirits of the four winds… to the east… to the west… to the south… to the north… I call upon all the spirits below… The Great Mother Earth… I call upon all of the spirits above… The Great Father Sky… Sun… Moon… Heavenly Stars…. I call upon all that is in the void of green between… the four legs… two legs… those that slither… crawl… burrow… swim… fly…. I call upon the waters and the rains… I call upon the fires, thunder and lightening… I call upon all of the helping spirits of this world and the other who are of love, light, life and luck…. who seek balance for the greater well being of all….”

At times I may have need or sense the need to call forth additional spirits. For example, I sense the need to summon hawk spirit for the work I am about to do. I will call upon the for winds and ask them to swiftly bring hawk spirit to me or whatever other spirit that is needed for my work. There is a little flexibility in the word working. The heart will sense and know as spirit speaks to you what will be needed. Listening is another lesson that takes time and patience.

Once I have awakened and summoned my helpers I can then move to the next part of the word working. Presenting the person, object or whatever the need is to spirit. This can be tricky at times because it may involve more than one person and you only know one side of the concern. So you should present it to spirit as though you are an objective observer. Even if it involves you or you are summoning for your own health or help. Remain objective and use such wording to be neutral. Speak from the heart.

Assuming you are working for another person then you can state their name and the reason they seek help. Telling spirit what you have been told and asking for clarity on the matter. Do not be apprehensive to ask spirit to clarify if you need it. There are times that people will not tell a shaman everything or they may even outright lie. Usually because they know their only recourse for help is the shaman but they don’t want to be denied because of their wrong doings. Spirit sees and knows all things. It will amaze you how people come for help yet fail to reveal all. The truth will come out sooner or later. I suggest though to not pester a person into telling you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Politely advise them to tell you true because it will make things go faster and easier.

Speaking to spirit, I ask for help in bringing clarity to any wrongs that may need to be addressed. Did someone do something that created a situation? Did they fail to do something? Where, when, how did this concern arise? What can or should be done to correct the concern? How long will it take to be resolved? Is there anything further I need to do or the person?

At this point I work my healing, songs, chants and whatever else spirit guides me to do. These are a matter of shamanic techniques which each initiated shaman has at their disposal depending upon need. Each person may get a certain blessing song over them but then whatever other work is needed is also performed. The songs may be brief but I can tell you that I have sung from my heart space with spirit for 40 minutes. You will know when spirit is working because the words flow with an uncanny rhythm. At first you may be surprised but just let your surprise go or you will likely break the flow. It takes a few times before you get used to it so don’t be overly concerned if you interrupt the first few times.

During the entire session a good chant which often leads into song and help keep you within your heart space is “Great Spirit have mercy on (name of person), heal them, help them, bring peace to them, bring joy to them…” This chant can be altered a little for the situation but the fundamentals are there. Remember, keep it coming from your heart space. I know I am flogging this into you but it really is very important part of shamanic word working.

Spirit usually tells me when the work session is done. At which time I begin to close the session.

“I thank all of the helping spirits and all who came out of love, light, life and luck. I thank the benevolent ones, the joyous ones, the healing ones, the helping ones and all of this world and the other for returning the balance to love and light.”

Then I “release” the person by cutting any energetic ties. Inform them of all the information revealed. Offer advice and answer any questions. This part is perhaps the most difficult at times. The spirits may tell you that this person has cancer which is too far into the body or some other concern. Maybe spirit can help extend life for a short time more which I have personally witnessed. Though telling this to someone is where word working really comes into play.

Revealing the findings from a shamanic session can be stressful. Try to remain from your heart space and speak clearly. Relay the words that were given to you by spirit. Do not elaborate further because you may find yourself unwittingly adding to the concern. Tell the person what you were shown or told. Let them ask questions. Most of the time you will find that the person had a suspicion already but needed confirmation. This is also why it is important to ask spirit, while in session, what can be done about the concern.

The workings of a shaman are not all drums and journeying. There is very serious work to be done which involves very serious concerns. A shaman can not and I repeat can not have any doubt. This is why I place so much emphasis on the need to do the inner work upon oneself. Getting started on the inner work is very difficult. Many will struggle but those who push through will be rewarded greatly. A shaman who can do great word working, bring health and help to those in need is a gift to the people. Knowing you are returning the balance of a chaotic world back towards, love, light, life and luck is something very few others in this world can speak upon!

(Future postings I will reveal more on “the inner work.” These are advanced shamanic techniques.)

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