Long Distance Healing Understood

What does it mean to heal “long distance?” Is it as effective as in-person, face-to-face sessions? Are there any limitations to long distance sessions? What are the benefits and cautions?

You will find many energetic healers, reiki practitioners and even shamanic practitioners offer “long distance” sessions. These sessions are performed without the healer and the client being in the same room, area or even on the same continent. The sessions can even reach back in time or even forwards in time. How is this even possible?

Everything is of spirit. This is a foundational understanding in animism which is the very spiritual practice of our ancient ancestors. The difficulty for us today is to shuck the layers of “civilization” and its misinterpretations of ancient wisdom through religion.

All that you are is of spirit. All that you say is of spirit. All that you think is of spirit. Spirit is that spark of existence from the very beginning. The very first thought, word and deed. Religion has beat into our heads the notion of a central god figure. Condemning all the understanding of our ancestors as nothing more than “demon” worship. Deluded by these demons into worship and sacrifice. Yet, our ancestors had no concept of “good versus evil” but rather that which was alive, dead and undead. (This will be covered in another blog post to follow soon!)

Take a step back from the last 2000 years. Go back to those millennia upon millennia prior to any notions of monotheism or religion. The spirits of all things were considered to be separate from one another yet connected to each other. This connection is because all things came forth from the First Dreamer, the First Awakened, the Great Spirit or, as we say, The Eternal.

The Eternal encompasses all things yet is not a central Being in and of Itself. To bring it into understanding more so. You are a single body with arms, legs, eyes, ears, etc… Yet, each part has a separate function within the whole but can not function independent of the whole. If a limb is removed it can not function on its own yet the remainder of the whole may continue. Furthermore, the remainder of the whole may still feel the existence (spirit) of the missing limb. This is commonly known as “phantom limb.”

An energy worker can perform work that brings peace to this “phantom limb.” It may require traveling back in time, or to the location of an accident without physically going there as well as other work to bring the remainder of the whole back into balance once more.

“Phantom limb” or more accurately “spirit limb” is still a challenge for modern “civilized” medical practitioners to treat. Of course, the first to be prescribed are medications, then psycho therapies and failing any affect of those the patient will be told, “just give it time to disappear.” Meanwhile the person has to suffer continuing trauma.

When you break away from the need to validate everything through modern medical practices and pharma science then a totally different level of healing arises. Recognizing that spirit is of all things, in all things, has been here from the beginning, and will be here eternally grants us access to the oceans of time and space.

Upon those oceans are the waves. Waves of thought, word and action which now have a life of their own. Where did the wave begin and end? Does it ever?

Healing can occur by reaching across these primordial waters of time. Boating across the river or walking across the rainbow bridge, between the seen and unseen worlds. This is the task of the spirit worker whom the Eternal has called forth. A “keeper” of the balance and restorer of health and happiness.

Able to travel these waters to nearly any time or place. Consult the spirits of that time and place. Even find the fractured fragment of the person who lost the limb (soul retrieval). Bring back that broken piece of essence and heal the “spirit limb.” It does not matter if the person is sitting beside the spirit worker or on the other side of the Earth!

If a spirit worker can travel back into your past to see what happened, describe things to you they would not have known, bring healing to you and restore happiness… Do you seriously believe there would be a distance limitation?

Don’t get the wrong idea here! Not all spirit workers have this ability. It is a gift and like anything needs proper training as well as exercise. There are also some limitations such as not going against someones free will, abusing spirit for personal gain and such. For those spirit workers who do such things there is a high price to pay which makes it far from worth the short term gains!

If you ever wanted to try an energetic healing session then give a long distance session a try. Often, spirit workers will do this for less cost than an in-person session so as to pass the savings on to you. A word of caution though!

If you want to undertake a long distance session please be sure of the spirit workers credentials. Those $5 an hour sessions on Ebay, Etsy and such sites are very questionable! Would you spend an hour of your time doing such work for one person at just $5???

Where ever you are whether long distance or in-person, check out our Spiritual Services page for more info. We have helped many people in Europe, Russia, Central Asia and across the USA via long-distance session!

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