After Session Advice

Wow! The energy after a healing session is awesome! You feel so great you could just run for miles, deep clean the house, bust out all of those chores you have been putting off and more. Though, you may want to re-evaluate that decision and here is why.

During a healing session there can be a lot of work done on numerous aspects of a person. We are often clearing and cleansing the aura, energy channels, realigning energy flow and basically sorting out a lot of messes. These messes have been accumulating for some time which can make them deep seated.

When these deep seated blockages and concerns are removed there is a vacuum. That vacuum is filled in with light, love and compassion. The feeling of these raw benevolent energies is very powerful. This gives the impression one has the energies to do so much more. Soon people are doing all of those mundane chores when they should allow those energies to settle.

Allowing the energies to settle into those holes gives the time needed to come back into a new balance. It is a perfect time to change “bad habits,” move past limiting beliefs or reduce interaction with “civilization” and all its frantic non-sense.

Go out into Nature and reconnect. Take a few moments, if that is all you have because of family obligations, to just look at the trees, birds, sky and let all else drop off of you. Like a wet set of clothing. Just drop it all right there and then. Embrace the freedom of Nature as you reconnect, if only briefly.

Ideally, after a session we want each client to begin to reconnect to the Eternal. That is to say, be open to all the various forms of love, light, life and luck that are a part of this great Eternal. Rather than being an outsider looking in allow yourself to explore being at one with it all. As you do so then the energies from the session will work with you. In a sense, re-training you to recover what was lost. A true and proper sense of balance, oneness and inner solitude.

After a healing plan has been conducted, we would like to follow through with a regular monthly “tune-up” session. As not everyone can dedicate themselves to being a Firekeeper Medicine worker. Fasting, meditating, contemplating, living within Nature and all the other spiritual work. It takes a great commitment, not to boast or spew a “holier than thou” attitude but let’s be quite frank. There are not a lot of people called by spirit to do this type of work. It takes a willingness to make certain sacrifices to help others. Aside from many years of training which you won’t find from a weekend course or a trip to Peru to acquire a, “Shaman certification.”

Please take it from us, after you have a session, take it easy. Allow the energies to do the work on you rather than you using the energies to do mundane work. You came to us for spiritual healing, alignment and help. Just because your one hour is over doesn’t mean the energy work is over. Depending on how deep the concerns are within and throughout the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies depends on what type of affects occur. There may be thoughts that need released, emotions that need released, physical habits to break and/or spiritual limitations to move beyond.

In closing, just because you “feel awesome” please don’t go running a 5K! Allow the work we have done to settle into you as best as possible. Nurture it and help it by letting go of that which rises up. Spirit brought you to us for advice and help. They then brought the energies to heal you. Allow the energies to work, let go, find a new balance so that you can be on a more rewarding path to health and happiness!

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