Messages from Spirit

There are numerous ways in which those who work with spirit may receive messages. Some have direct communication as we would in the seen world. Others have an indirect means that may include symbols, sounds, sensing, replays of events, etc… It really depends upon how spirit chooses to speak with someone. What really matters is that the messages are from the spirits we seek answers from, are accurate and given to the correct person.

To determine what spirits are answering questions requires a great deal of discernment. A spirit worker needs to have a keen sense of energies and insight into how trickster spirits operate. Malevolent spirits can give correct answers at times if correctly pressed to do so. However, a trickster spirit knows many loop holes and is very cunning in the manipulation of word meanings.

One can view a trickster spirit in this manner. The fabled leprechaun who is caught and grants three wishes. However, each wish seems to get the one making the wishes into a deeper and deeper dilemma. Each time the leprechaun explains the error in the wording yet the wisher thinks there is a way past the trickery. The lessons of a trickster spirit can be profound but are very hard earned. When seeking messages they are often best avoided entirely.

Usually a benevolent spirit wishing to communicate has the capability to pass through a spirit workers protective measures. The initial information that often comes across is that which only the client would know. A symbol, a sound, an image, an event, etc. This is presented by spirit to say, “yes, what follows is real and truly from the unseen world.”

Maybe it is an image of a flower or the smell of roses. The image of a lady with a smile wearing a big pink hat like she is going to the Kentucky Derby. As wild as it seems, when these messages are passed on to the client then we gain greater access to more information. The client reveals that this must be her grandmother. She had a large rose garden, loved horses and lived her whole life in Kentucky. Bingo!

So we follow the conversation with grandma. What does she have to say to her granddaughter or anyone else? Is there anyone else that has any further messages? Is there anything important we need to relay?

Hopefully this short posting helps towards a greater understanding of spirit communication. It should also be stressed that it is very important for a client to restrain from giving information unless prompted to do so. In this way it truly does help the spirit worker tune in on the correct “frequencies.” This also allows the client to verify the information as the spirit worker would not know before hand. In turn, the client can be assured that the information being given really is from grandma who is lovingly sending messages across the rainbow bridge!

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