Curse can be defined as the use of words (spells) to invoke spirits to do harm. How is it possible? What are the various signs of being cursed? What can be done about a curse?

Let’s go through a little scenario to explain, curses.

Take Judy, a gal who just got a new car. She keeps it clean and polished as a sign of her rising status in her company. Such a beautiful car and one she is often talking about to many others. Though, not everyone is so keen to hear about Judy’s success or her car!

At the end of the workday Judy hops in her car and begins driving out of the parking. At the intersection she spots Joe looking at her. She smiles and waves but Joe gives a slight wave to allow Judy to pass through the intersection. As the car goes past, Joe is eyeing every inch of it with envy and jealousy. Joe just put the “evil eye” on Judy. Whether he meant to or not, he did!

Judy parks her car in the drive and heads in to call it a day. She has a restless night thinking about something happening to her car. Awakening in the morning Judy feels “a little under the weather.” She pushes on to get to work and finds her beautiful car now has a flat tire! No biggie, she has tire repair service and makes the call.

Back at work and at her desk, Judy still feels a little off today but is maintaining a happy attitude. Then Nancy walks by and stops to ask Judy why she was a little late. Judy tells her the story and that she thinks she will go home a little early today as well. After all, she is still feeling “a little under the weather.”

Nancy has plans of her own. It was supposed to be her car because she was supposed to get that promotion. But that B**CH Judy got it all! Nancy starts thinking about how she could still have it all if Judy was out of the picture. Then Nancy would have money, authority and a much better car!

So Nancy does some asking around outside of work. She finds someone she thinks can help her. A sorceress who will cast spells to make Judy’s life a living hell. A curse! That is Nancy’s solution!

So a curse is put on Judy to ruin her life. Ruin her relationships. Cause her to lose her job and possessions. A real whopper of a curse!

Soon Judy starts having difficulties at work. People seem to be turned off by her mere appearance. They seem to be distancing themselves from Judy for no apparent reason. Others begin talking about Judy behind her back. How she thinks so much of herself. How she doesn’t deserve to be in the position she is in or own that nice car!

Judy begins having mechanical issues with her car. Several times it needed towed but the mechanic just can’t find a problem. Every time the car is at the mechanic the problems seem to disappear. Judy is now becoming frustrated. Her mood is now changing.

The sleepless nights are increasing. Nightmares about the total destruction of her car persist. Her health is declining. There are even, what Judy calls, “demons” entering her dreams. She even has a foreboding feeling when alone in her home.

We can keep going on with this scenario to a very unfavorable conclusion for Judy. We can also put Judy into fight mode where she starts seeking answers about her turn of fortune.

Judy begins asking around and eventually comes across something about curses. Reading all the signs she begins to put things together. Now, how to find someone to remove this curse?

This is where a certain class of people come into play. The spiritual workers aka, shamans, medicine people and the like. We aren’t talking weekend certificate warriors here but the more hardcore of the lot. It takes a unique skill set to step into spiritual cleansing and blessings, aka., exorcisms.

Each medicine worker has their own unique proprietary way of exorcising. What we give here are the generalities.

A medicine worker need maintain a clean lifestyle. One free of contrariness towards love, light and compassion. Fasting and meditations are very significant to this work. Sacrifices must be made on behalf of the client. It is the duty of the medicine worker to be willing and capable of making those sacrifices.

Of course, a sorceress or sorcerer may also exorcise a curse. Their work is done from another more malevolent angle. They, in a sense, capture the curse into their spirits or items. Thus being able to use elements of that curse in their very own curse work. Some of these practitioners actually enjoy going to war with other sorceresses and sorcerers who cursed their client. Kind of like, who is the biggest bully on the block.

To have a curse removed, as one can imagine from what has been presented here, is not an easy or inexpensive task. What we find unfortunate is that the cursed person now has to fight to be freed from the curse as well as pay their way out! For what? Because of someone else being envious, jealous, spiteful, or just plain hateful?

The struggle gets real for the cursed as they seek out help. Reliable medicine workers aren’t found on every street corner these day!

In closing, to be evil eyed, cursed or jinxed (a topic for a later day) is something many “modern and civilized” people think absurd. Until it happens to them and then they are frantic to find someone to “exorcise the demons.” Your ancestors for millennia upon millennia, before monotheism, knew there was more to the unseen world. Certain things need be respected and observed. The amorality of spirit need be respected not abused. Fortunately for both the cursed and the helpful medicine worker, there are plenty of ancestral spirits that will work to restore the balance towards love, light, life and luck!

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