Recently we have been asked by a couple of ladies regarding certain “esoteric, kabbalist, et al..” practices. Is it worthwhile learning the materials presented? Do the symbols taught work against malevolent forces? Should we be opening portals? Is this stuff “satanic”?

We truly appreciate the respect shown by asking for our opinions. Though, it is at times rather difficult to give a straight answer. Why? Because each one of us has a certain path to follow in order to achieve the aim. If we all followed the same path then there would be nothing unique. Nothing that truly builds each of us to our own skills and talents. Furthermore, there would be no continual struggle to encourage growth. We need challenges!

One of the greatest challenges is to acquire, discernment. It is of the utmost importance to develop the ability to foresee a fruitless path from a prosperous one. The ability to sense malevolence in all its forms. The ability to tell a fake from the real deal. This is “discernment.” Though before one can develop discernment there is a need to find someone who already has it. This is where our elders would come into play.

Today, many of our elders have fallen so far away from any real connection to the old ways. Their discernment is none existent having been deluded by contrary politics and religious concepts. Prior to that our spiritual midwives were labeled as witches and murdered by the thousands. Thus our greatest assets for true discernment were all but wiped out.

There are signs, however, that spirit is moving to make changes. We are seeing more knowledge of the old ways and those who have the understanding on how to apply it. There has been a slow simmer on the pot of the old ways for some time now. It does seem within just the past couple of years to be rising to a boil as we see more medicine workers stepping out of the shadows.

We, however, have also been inundated for so long by numerous “new age” practices and practitioners. A hodge podge of ideas, alphabets soups and cultural misappropriations have been presented as a path to enlightenment or even as “traditional practices!” With so much of this, misguiding information out there, to put it kindly, how can one be sure which is fake or the real deal?

Again, finding someone who can help point out a more clear path is essential. Unfortunately, this feat in and of itself is a whole other path. Some have gone off to India to find a guru. Some have sold everything and went into a monastery. Some have just lost their minds in all of it and succumbed to a sort of madness. Obsessed and fanatical on their way to fruitless new age endeavors. For some, they snap out of it and develop a degree of discernment. Though most of these people seem to linger in anger at the failed path instead of using it as a jumping board toward further progress.

The best advice we can give towards most of these earlier mentioned questions would be the following. If the person is rather young, be very cautious. If there are all sorts of things to remember with hand movements and jargon, be very cautious. If something just seems a little off, be very cautious. If so much of what they offer is behind numerous pay walls, be very cautious.

Perhaps the biggest and most profound sign of a fake and fraud is what should be the most obvious. “How many people are they actually healing and nurturing?” We do not mean teaching people how to feel “empowered.” We mean actually healing and nurturing them from trauma, etc… If what someone is trying to sell you is just making you feel empowered in your life then just accept it for what it is. A sort of “pick me up” when you are at a downward state in your life. It’s ok but recognize it for what it is and that it is only a feeling of empowerment. Not a true empowerment.

The empowerment we speak of through Firekeeper Medicine is the one that awakens and ignites the fire within. So YOU can truly help others. Of course, this is not a short and easy process. It took Firekeeper Medicineman Randulf nearly 8 years to get to the current state. There is still a lot more room for growth and development. The key is to recognize one’s limitations, need for growth and continually fight the struggle to develop. In this you will raise discernment or find someone that can help you discern. Oh and, don’t pour your time and resources into all that “feel good” stuff. Think rationally and don’t wig out! Find valuable resources that will feed a true spiritual path towards development but first know your aim. What is your aim?

Love, Light, Life and Luck!

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