That which is false is the opposite of that which is true. To identify with something is to make it a part of oneself. One can even go so far as to build an entire lifestyle by identifying with that which is false.

So, how does this pertain to spirituality, healing, etc..? Let us first look at a lesser example of false identifying and then move to a very dangerous example.

Let us say someone is made to feel unwanted by class mates or co-workers. The others are saying how “dumb looking” this person appears. This person then goes home and looks in the mirror. Begins to believe that what they see is a “dumb looking” face. The person has begun to identity with this falsehood. Call the others bullies or whatever you will but they had no power until that person began to identity with the label.

This person now walks with their head down trying not to show the “dumb looking” face to others. Why raise your chin and be embarrassed? Why invite more ridicule? If only it wasn’t for this “dumb looking” face then I would be just like the others. Yep, you very well may be just like the others and saying nasty things about someone else!

Now let us take it into the future several years. This person has been beat down so far that they feel no matter what they do there is no winning. The initial accusation by those people from years ago is no longer a thought. The person has now fully identified and accepted the accusation as being correct. This person now begins to think they are cursed to live a horrible life. That’s it! This person believes they are cursed from childhood!

Soon the search begins in how to get rid of curses. There is the trip to numerous churches in the hopes of finding help to remove the curse. Soon they hear the word “possession,” and now they begin to think that not only are they cursed but are possessed by a demon. In this persons head that explains why no one wants to have anything to do with them. Why they are so unlucky at everything they attempt. Why they are not loved or liked. Why they have constant nightmares about failure, being lost, strange creatures attacking them and on and on!

Now this person is searching for exorcists to remove the curse and demon. It has now become a reason to exist. They are now getting the attention they weren’t before and feeling like they belong to something. They have fallen so far into false identifying that they are nearly lost entirely. It would take an immense shock of truth to break through. It is also quite possible that they have now attracted malevolent forces to come and feed off of the fears. Yet, how can we reach through the false identifying, clear the false image of self, find their true self, restore the true self that existed prior to the “dumb looking” accusation from years ago, have them believe believe they are made whole again and that they can move on in a new direction away from the need for exorcism and such??? Ah, now you see the dilemma of this Catch-22!

We can attempt soul retrieval but a person like this still has the free will to reject the returning pieces. The returning pieces may not want to return into a mess greater than when they were lost! We can send healing energies, consult with this persons guides and ancestors but all to little effect. Why? Because this type of person is trapped so deep into false identifying that the fear of losing it for the unknown is beyond consideration. They have actually built up a type of “shield of denial,” towards anything of love, light, life and luck.

Eventually this person will come across someone like a Firekeeper Medicine worker and all of the aforementioned will be revealed. We will try to work through all of these barriers but ultimately we have to get this person to understand the only thing holding back a life they say they want is, false identifying.

Most of the time these people cut off all communication immediately. To a person like this we are just another dead end. Someone else who, “doesn’t understand,” “doesn’t know what they are talking about,” “is a fake or fraud,” and on and on.

Yet, we have had success after success in helping people be freed of malevolent forces (exorcisms,) healed of ailments (energetic healing), recovered from serious mental and emotional disorders like PTSD (soul retrieval) and have even helped people reconnect to spirit guides, ancestors, Nature and more (Opening of the Ways.) However, all of those successes are meaningless to just this one person who is false identifying.

We still have hope that these people can be reached, however, the sad fact is that most do not want the help we offer. In the past, we have performed services free of charge because these people are really in an unfortunate state. Having accepted the false identifying as a complete and total way of life. Well, actually, it is a way of hatred, darkness, death and misfortune.

We now need to focus more upon those who are truly willing to accept the help by greatly limiting our “pro bono” services. If someone passes a lengthy consultation, our spirit helpers acknowledge they will help then and only then will we consider accepting a pro bono case. So, if you want to false identify then you are free to do so but maybe you best go elsewhere. All we will do is tell you what you already know but choose not to do.

Love, light, life and luck!

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