Ever Present in the Now: Explaining Soul Loss & Soul Retrieval

To live in the present is to let go of the past and not anticipate what is to come in the future. There is no past nor future. There truly, only ever is, the now. Each of us should aim to be “ever present in the now.”

Being “ever present in the now” is also connected to soul loss and soul retrieval. Let us dive in and see how!

When you are in the now there is no depression about the past and what may have been. There is no anxiety about what may or may not happen in the future. There is a peace and inner stillness. This type of language can be heard coming from enlightened mystics, shamans and your modern day firekeeper medicine worker. It really should come as no surprise that being in the now has a very strong spiritual component. All things are energy. Even your thoughts are energy and can take on energetic forms of there own.

Thoughts are the moving energies within the mind. Thoughts can be likened to electrical wires. Ideally, we want complete control over the electricity flow of our thoughts, aside from some of the automated systems to maintain function. Even then, when one dives deeper into spiritual practices, the automated systems can be effectively controlled. That aside, if we allow electrical wires to dangle all about and send current in all directions then we are not efficiently using energies. We are allowing energies (thoughts of the past) to drain our life force (spirit). Our life force can be likened to a central power station. We want to maintain that central power station, direct the electricity as efficiently as possible into what we truly need to power.

What is it we need to power? There are two aspects to the answer. There is the physical and the spiritual. Physically, our most common aim is to support and raise a family. Spiritually, our most common aim is to further the growth of our spiritual fortune or luck (the energies that carry us into the next life to allow us to be a ‘level higher’ than we were in the present life.) In powering these aims we are developing a self-perpetuating eternal energy.

We should note here that an aim is not a goal. A goal is reached and then a new goal is set. Goals help one reach an aim. An aim continues on and on. It may even go on to the very end of this life and into another. Maybe even through generations of descendants!

So what we power is what we enable to attribute to or take from our aims. If we allow our energies to power thoughts of the past then energy is sapped. It stays in the past. Within that thought which has now been given power to remain. If it is a troubling thought due to a traumatic experience that has not been properly resolved then this becomes a large loose wire that is arcing massive amounts of electricity. At some point it will short out other wires (thoughts), systems (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) and create greater issues (PTSD, Drug Addictions, etc…) This leads to states of depression about what happened, and likely, states of anxiety about the next trauma to happen.

Bringing it all back to the now and how this all explains the need for retrieving lost pieces of ones true essence (soul retrieval.)

As one ages without addressing these arcing energies, the further away from being ever present in the now one becomes. Energies are cast about as those troubling thoughts expend great amounts of your life force. Draining your ability to achieve goals and further your aims.

These energies are little pieces of you. Your life force or more accurately, your spirit. Your spirit is pure energy. If pieces of it are being drained off into other directions then you are not whole. You will also lose energy throughout the other bodies (physical, mental and emotional.) You will likely feel, incomplete. Like something is always missing but as you try to search for it, the arcing energies of troubling thoughts re-emerge. Diverting you from discovering how to resolve the matter.

This is where that whole thing of soul retrieval comes into play. A spirit worker goes into the spiritual world, travels to find that loose wire (the piece of you left in the past) and reconnect it to the present. In reconnecting it to the present you, those energies return to fuel your current goals to achieve your aims. Troubling thoughts dissipate, balance returns to the four bodies and a feeling of being more in the now occurs. Some people take this opportunity to go deeper into spiritual practices. This can turn out to be a “calling from spirit” to become a spiritual medicine worker. Which is a whole separate topic we can cover in the future.

To summarize, when a trauma is experienced energies are directed into a thought form which continue to manifest to take a someone out of a peaceful mindset. Until these energies are brought back into control by a spiritual medicine worker there will be a draining of life force, or more directly, spirit. A firekeeper medicine worker that goes back into the past, locates that lost piece, brings it back into the present, returns it into your life force (spirit) is doing what is now commonly called, Soul Retrieval.

If you or someone you know has had a trauma of some profound sort then a soul retrieval is likely needed. Please feel free to contact us for a confidential consultation. We are compassionate and caring about helping others. Health and Happiness to You!

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