It often amazes us how people come looking for help, we tell them what path to follow and then they tell us the path they want to follow. Huh?!?!?

Think about this, you go to a licensed medical professional because something is wrong with you. You tell them what is going on such as symptoms, timeline, etc… The medical professional puts it all together to comes up with a diagnosis. Guess what the medical professional does next?? They TELL YOU the plan of treatment. You DO NOT tell them!

If you knew what was wrong with you and could self-diagnose then why bother going to the medical professional in the first place? Oh, that’s right, you actually can’t properly self-diagnose AND formulate a plan of treatment. Otherwise, you would have done it already. Saving yourself time and money.

But wait, that’s right, you do not have all the experience of a medical professional or access to the medication which may be needed either. Let alone the possible need to perform a surgery upon yourself. That is why you sought help. Right???

So then save yourself some time bothering spirit workers with the same self-diagnosing non-sense. We ask certain information from people making inquiry about our services through We then take that information and consult our helpers on the other side. They in turn tell us a plan to follow towards health and happiness. That information is relayed to the inquirer. It is up to the inquirer to decide if the plan and costs are acceptable. If so they then become a client. If not then we aren’t the spirit workers they need. Best wishes to them in finding someone to meet their needs. If we know someone else we may even make a referral. After all, we truly want people to be healthy and happy.

Though, at times, we get those inquirers who want to alter the plan of treatment. Often, it is to reduce actions and make it easier or less costly. Okay, we get it. Spiritual wellness is often not an easy, quick or inexpensive fix. Why? Because it is a specialty field and not just a general practice. For an attempted comparison let’s look to professional medical practitioners.

Can we compare the level of ability between a local doctor who practices family medical care to a heart surgeon? Would anyone go to a heart surgeon thinking the costs would be the same as an office visit to a family doctor. Would anyone think the path to wellness would be the quick fix of a pill or an injection? Of course not! They would think this is going to be an extensive undertaking.

Now, not everyone who needs medical attention needs surgery. Most really need some guidance and maybe some medication to get them heading in the proper direction. However, those who need surgery would be wise to weigh their options. To consider why surgery is being prescribed. Could it be that things are really messed up? More so than a self-diagnosis led one to believe?

Often, that is the case. So when inquirers come to us and we tell them that they need an extensive healing, some want to argue their self-diagnosis with us. Quite frankly, that’s not going to happen. We mentioned our process earlier but will do so again. Please note that many other spirit workers do the following as well. Our spirit helpers are consulted about taking on an inquirer as a client and what path of healing should be followed. To go against this is just plain asking for trouble. Been there, done that!

We want to be compassionate to the needs of those coming to us. That does not mean we surrender our integrity or the way we operate.

If you want to self-diagnose, not accept our recommendations for healing then please find another spirit worker. If you change your mind and are soon to come back then we will welcome you. We will not hold any animosity towards you for a decision to decline our services. Freewill is always at play. We respect that very much. Whomever you manage to find for your needs we wish you health and happiness!

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