PTSD, Suffering and Pain

(For clarification before going further. We need a means of scaling the plan of healing to the level of suffering and pain. This is not to belittle anyone or their concerns. Let us be rational and understanding. We do not need to apply a full trauma kit to every wound.)

PTSD, suffering and pain have various levels. Some people had a profound experience that so deeply affected their life to which their seems to be no escape. In whatever direction they turn the mirror of guilt, shame, misery, flashbacks, emotions and so forth just keeps reflecting back. Drawing them back and possibly deeper and deeper into a vortex of self hate, darkness, sickness and misfortune. There just seems to be no end in sight!

There are also people who had a traumatic incident but may not experience such an all invasion impact. Maybe difficulties arise with a smell, sound, taste or sensing of something in particular. It is at this time a crippling effect takes place. As if they are frozen and transported back to the traumatic event. This is somewhere between the aforementioned level and the next.

The remainder of cases are occasional occurrences which may be troublesome but are not all invasive or crippling. A persistent memory, feeling or longing that arises. These can come about due to a trauma that was not quite as severe. Yet this trauma created a level of “soul loss,” “loss of essence,” or another way of saying it, “a piece of the person is trapped in the past.”

Hopefully, everyone can understand now that loosely going by a level system we can scale our path to recovery accordingly. This is why the “40 Day Intensive, 21 Day Intensive and 7 Day Intensive” plans were developed. Within these general plans can be found more specific branches to more specific concerns.

For example, a person who is undertaking the 40 Day Intensive and who’s marital relationship is seriously suffering. Within the 40 Day Intensive we can bring both partners together and discuss what shamanic energetic healing can do to help bring balance into the relationship. We may find that the spouse may be suffering from their own trauma which is now coming to the surface with more force due to stress factors. Flexibility within the general plan allows for addressing the more specific concerns as they arise. We aren’t always just aiming to address the one crucial point in the past and call it done!

We offer a free consultation to discuss your concerns. It only takes about 10 to 15 minutes to determine what level you may fall into and a plan of action.

Keeping an open mindedness to your path of healing is extremely important. Shamanic-energetic work is not what most “modern thinking” people are accustomed to experiencing. Though these practices existed for millennia upon millennia prior to “modern civilized medicine.” What our ancestors knew was exactly what we need to understand. There is more here, in the seen world, than meets the eye. If “modern medicine” can not help then maybe it is far deeper and beyond the physical, mental and emotional?!? Maybe it is deeply spiritual? Now you are entering the world of Firekeeper Medicine!

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