Soul Loss

There are two words you will read and hear about regarding any form of shamanism. Those two words are, Soul Loss. Let’s briefly go over what it is, how it happens and what can be done about it.

“Soul loss,” “loss of essence,” or another way of saying it, “a piece of the person is trapped in the past.” I often use the phrase “loss of essence,” but it all means the same thing. An event occurred in the past that was of such proportions as to cause a piece of oneself to separate. Today, “modern thinkers,” will say this is non-sense! How can a piece of someone be lost in the past?

Let us use an example to illustrate.

A child is riding a bicycle on a gravel road. Suddenly the bicycle slips out from under him or her and they smash to the ground. Waking up a short time after from a concussion they grasp their forehead to feel something wet. Pulling their hands away they see blood and realize something very bad happened. A passerby runs to offer aid and the child goes into hysterically crying. It is at that very second something happens on an unseen level.

There is a sort of escapism that happens within. “This isn’t happening to me! This isn’t me!” A separation of that piece occurs and the child is not within the pain. The crying continues and the child is still physically present but something new has arisen. New but lesser than what was before the accident.

Now, there may not be all of the hysterics when a mature man or woman slips on ice, falls and hits their head. Yet there is something in that second which can cause a piece of essence to be lost. Multiply this over the years caused by accidents, heartbreaks, emotional and mental shocks. There is an accumulative effect of loss. Not to mention the flashbacks or fears that arise!

Furthermore, let’s scale this up to someone in a grossly traumatic incident and we can then see how great of a loss in essence can occur. People in our society who have experienced combat, extreme violence, rape, child abuse, and on and on!

Anyone who knows someone that has had these experiences or if you have had such experiences then you also know the helplessness that can occur. Having seen medical professionals, taken pill after pill and tried best to believe, “It’s just in my head!”

No! It is more than “just in the head!”

Do not get me wrong here in thinking that I am railing against medical professionals. Most are very well meaning and well educated in “modern medical practices.” Though they fall short of considering another aspect outside of the physical.

If the medical professionals have told you that they just can not find a solution for your concern. That you aren’t doing enough to help yourself. That it is “all in your head!” Maybe you should consider a spiritual cause. That being one of “soul loss,” “loss of essence,” and again that lovely way of putting it, “a piece of you is trapped in the past!”

When you get to that stage, you may be at that stage now if you are reading this, it is then you start looking for someone like myself. Someone knowledgeable about the spiritual aspects and how to work between the seen and unseen realms.

Shamans call it, “soul retrieval,” or “essence retrieval.” Going back into the past at that exact moment when the separation occurred. Retrieving that piece, please try to put your “modern thinking” aside and follow me here, and bringing it back to the one who lost it. Bringing it back into the present moment. In this, we make the person whole again.

In making the person whole again it empowers them to recover and live life as they should. It still takes other aspects of healing (as you can find in description of the various healing services we offer click here) but now they are on the path to health and happiness!

So, put aside all your “modern ways,” and step back into what your ancient ancestors knew. The unseen world plays a great part in the seen world. If you need help, seek someone such as myself who can bridge the worlds! ~ Firekeeper Medicine Man, Randulf

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